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EFI V8 passenger side snorkel connection

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Right converted my carbs to 4.2 EFI.

My snorkel comes out on the passenger side. My airbox mounts at the back of the engine in front of the bulkhead. Because of the plenum chamber the air intake goes out to the right and then wants to exit the airbox on the left towards the drivers side but I want it to exit on the right and pick up the snorkel. ( yes a picture would be easier but my camera is broken )

I have megasquirt so I don't have to worry about the air mass sensor anymore.

Any idea on an air box that enters and exits more or less the same side ?

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Pete, think your left and rights back to front (n/s = left, o/s = right). Anyway... think I know what you are saying, have you thought about flipping the plenum cover round so the intake is on the right (drivers side). This way, smorkel feeds into air filter on left and out the other side and then picked up by flipped around plenum on right.

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