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water leak


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And yet another problem with my V8.

I have noticed a leak from a small 'nodule' just above where my drive shaft joint is, between my 2 cat convertors..located on the gearbox. It is just cold water that's leaking, but don't know if it is a problem, or just water build up from the recent rain we have had

Any ideas?

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It isn't water coming from the air conditioning drain is it?

LOL..beat me to it...I was about to come on and say "it's ok..I've had an even better look with the aid of a torch, and found 2 rubber hose ends"

So, yeah, I think it could be..as I say, the water is cold, so deffinatly not an engine cooling issue :)

The leak has stopped now, and I guess that's why the air con was very humid earlier.

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