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Gap insurance

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I want to purchase gap insurance for our Defender...it's 2 years old. I am insured with NFU and they have a new for old up to 2 years, this has just run out.

Some insurers do "return to value" meaning they pay out what the vehicle is worth as of today but Defenders confuse them as they are not in the Parkers/Glass's guides.

Has anybody managed to get Gap insurance on a Defender over 2 years old? If so what company did you use?

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GAP insurance is what you get to cover the difference between the replacement cost of a brand new vehicle and what the insurance would pay out.

Unless you already purchased it at time of purchase i doubt you can get it now - what you need is an agreed value insurance policy, which gives you a guarenteed ammount paid out in the event of total loss.

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Gap insurance is to make up the difference between the potential insurance payout and the outstanding finance. If you do not have finance you do not need it, the insurer will pay out for a vehicle equal to the one you have lost - you can show them ads for ones similar to yours if that helps them to understand the value.


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Gap insurance is as smo & Chris have stated above, mainly sold by finance companies to cover the difference between the insurance payout, in event of a total loss, and what is owed to the finance company,, often more than the cost of a new replacement !!!

Can not see any insurance company covering your vehicle with an agreed valve of the new price, but worth trying !!

What you are talking about, is insuring against deprecation, :o But as they say, you can insurance anything nowadays,, from bums to boobs :ph34r:

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