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300 tdi into defender

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Guest diesel_jim

Do you mean, are there any problems fitting the engine,gearbox and transferbox as one long heavy unit?

as long as you've got a decent crane/JCB/forklift, shouldn't be a problem.

would be easier to remove the radiator and front panel first though. you'll have to lift the whole lot up high, lower the end of the transferbox (where the handbrake is) down then lower and push at the same time.

make sure you've changed the engine mounts to the right ones first though!

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hello i am about to do the same job this weekend got hold of a disco as an mot failure and stripped it last weekend

so this weekend is the start of fitting it into my 90 so ill let you know what problems i have

are you fitting a engine out of a defender or a disco?

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take it you are going from a 2.5nad? majorish bits.

cut off old and weld new engine mounts and replace seatbox/tunnel/bulhead plates/metalwork

new exhaust mounts new gearbox crossmember and mounts.

work out where to get a power steering box and drop arm from (if you dont have power steering at the mo)

new fuel unions and feeds for pump.(i replaced both pipes to tank)

wiring mods for glowplug relay.

new radiator/intercooler assy

pipework for air intake(finish neatly with a snorkel)

may need new propshafts. front and rear (length changes due to R380)

suggest getting a complete "kit" from a salvage or scrappy. £2k-£2.5k all in? :blink:

some bits although unserviceable will prove useful as exchange for new parts when you find they are useless. :huh:

I did a conversion 3 years back and would recommend it, if you can stand the cost which you will never recoup in money terms. :unsure:

best place to start is www.nicksjungle.co.uk for an idea of work involved. although he uses a LT77 gearbox which may cut down on parts and work involved with seatbox and propshafts, although add to complications with engine pipework. He has good sections on glowplug and harness wiring.

make sure you get a defender engine if possible as mentioned elsewhere on here the disco engine has a different manifold/turbo arrangement which results in nifty pipework and tight clearances.

Pete ;)

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