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Doors ore hinges on defender "Help Needed"

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Hy guys

Many thank on comments so far it has been a great help. In on the other hand can not say much to others as of this point but hopefully in the future i can.

I just got home from putting checker plates on my defender 110 and the right side doors are not in there original place so they need adjustment . The gap on the bottom needs to be at least 4mm so the plate fist and door can be opened an closed properly.

I did not want to go for taking the door off as i did not see any way to get to the nuts on the other side of the bolt. They are visible on the bolt that goes onto the door it self they are easy to access but what happens when you undo the bolt that attache the hinge to the body. Will i hear a cling sound when the nut falls into the middle of the body and i will have many problems ore is the nut welded on the back and no worries. Just undo them and remove the door from the body and adjust then

Pleas advice if this is in the manual then i need to get a copy as there was none in the car when i git it.


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Hi Elli,

The nuts a called spire nuts, "J" nuts, caged nuts and a few other things when the won't come undone & the parts number you want is MRC2178 upto chassis VA138479, or if after that ASR1459 if you need to replace any.

As Paul said they should stay in position, but if you're unlucky like I was you may have to drill out the bolt if they break loose and just spin..

Once you have seen one, all will become plain to see...

Good luck,


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As said, the nuts are part of a clip which holds on to the body, you should be ok.

You will probably need an impact screwdriver to loosen the bolts - just loosen the two bolts on the body side a little, not on the door side of the hinge.

When loose, lift the door or close it so it stays in position and then just tighten the two bolts back up with the impact screwdriver.

You may need to adjust the striker a little on the door post for the door to close properly.

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Just taken the rear doors off my 110 to replace the hinges and the nuts fell down behind the door panel. My question is how do I take the window handle off in order to remove the panel, followed the haynes manual but there was no access to the winder bolt? p.s. ended up using a magnet to pick up the bolts. :blink:

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