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Bonnet relase


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Hi There,

My bonnet catch was well iffy, would not open or shut properly. The previous garage maintainer had well greased all parts, and the body.

I fixed it by removeing the whole catch, (remove plastic front piece first),chassis and bonnet bits. The chassis bit is rather fiddly but the main problem is on the right hand side, it's a tiny pivot pin. If it had been oiled when the car was built there would never be a problem. I washed all the gunge off with parafin and added some "Chain lube" ( Motorbike stuff). for a good fix.

The upper part was well siezed and needed the blow-lamp and plenty of WD40 to free it. When re fitted and the top bit adjusted correctly (undo the nut and turn slotted end with screwdriver) The bonnet is now a dream to open and shut.

I also squirted the WD40 on the cable end of the pull knob. Very tight in there. Not really needed though.

I recommend not undoing the cable clamp just hang it out the front for a quick clean and lube should be enough.

Good luck with it.

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Remove the front grill and you can then operate the bonnet release by hand.


You need to get access to the top retaining screws of the grill, and on a 94 model onwards you need to remove the indicator headlamp and surounding trim. So then you need the bonnet open first

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Not just post 94 either :D

I have once managed to lever the catch with a big screwdriver. Or alternatively pull on the cable with some looooong long nose pliers.



I have now sorted it with a flat bar slid it through the grill and tapped it with a hammer up it popped i will now do a service on it

thanks again

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