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Just found this vehicle, for about £3500...

The chassis seems to be untouched, the axles as well, 'just' would need a body rebuild.

I will not be out for a complete and original rebuild, and might consider a rebuilding as a WOLF in sheep's clothes. Engine seems to be a recon, but did 70000kms on the counter. Is the asking price a fair one?



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I have been down the Wolf rebuild route both ways..

I bought an XD 110 "Wolf" that was accident damaged for rebuild, the wreck was in slightly better condition that the one in the photos you Posted and I paid £3,250 for it almost 4 years back.

What made me buy it was that the following:

Low mileage (18,000KMS / 11,250M)

Right hand drive

Chassis was straight except for a bent F/R outrigger and forklift damage on the underside of the chassis

Rollcage was in good condition as the vehicle did not roll over

GRP hard top was in good condition too (sadly it got damaged beyond repair after it was removed from the 110)

Most of the little "Wolf'esque" brackets like bonnet pioneer tool straps/clips, fire extinguisher holder, wheel chock/toolbag mount were all present

Things needed and I battled to find or were just very pricey were:

Front axle casing - bespoke part and 6mm thick - criminaly expensive and very hard to find

GRP canopy - opted for a soft top in the end

Door top fittings for the soft top - hard to find

Dampers - and these are still a ballache to source (Experience from both the 110 and 90 XD I currently own)

Front Bulkhead - very expensive as it's bespoke (R380 civy bulkheads can be cut up and adapted, but I recommend an original)

24V Headlights - hard to find (these do have raise/tilt motors and breathers that go all the way to the top of the winscreen)

24V wiring diagrams! Battled to source one but was helped out by a REME chap

That aside, I learned that a Wolf XD comprises of a lot of common (as in can be found on civilian) Land Rover parts, so we used a lot of over the counter parts like wingtops, windows, door panels etc and you can buy brand new canvas tilts (soft top) from Exmoor trim directly, in time you learn to shop wisely

There are also plenty of XD parts going on EBay, you just need to check daily and make sure you're not being ripped off - see this Thread on Wolf Tickets

Lastly, I also made the big mistake of entrusting a "specialist" to undetake the rebuild for me. He took over 18 months to get the vehicle 75% completed and in the end it was finished off by someone else at an additional cost.

Rebuild cost: £13,500, an unaddable fuel bill for the running around I did and a mass of grey hair from the issues with the waste of space "specialist"

I then traded the 110XD for a pre-restored 90 - see my Gallery

This is an immaculate rebuild and the vehicle is an absolute head turner. I've been made many offers for it and I am not quite ready to part with it

XD wrecks shave become increasingly hard to get hold of as there is a company restoring XDs for the MOD

Genuine Wolf rebuilds gain value too and rest assured if you do buy it and start the rebuild you'll want to restore it to it's glory, as the MoD are hanging on the the XDs until 2026!

Back to your question: The price is fair and if I had the space and time, I'd take it and restore it myself, even though it is LHD

Yellow, if you need any advice on the wreck or rebuild please do not hesitate to contact me through the Personal Message part of this Forum. I'd gladly offer my advice if you plan on purchasing this as a rebuild project.

Please let us know your decision - oh, I saw an XD110 wreck sell on Ebay for circa £4.5K last year

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I decided, or better yet, my bank manager did that for me, NOT to buy the vehicle. I also did not see the need for a WOLF rebuild, so it would really become that 'WOLF in sheep's clothes'...

I am going down the galvanised chassis route for my current 110...

Thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated

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