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Contemplating rebuilding a WOLF

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Posted in Military forum... Wolf in Sheep's clothes

Have been offered a rolled Wolf, and might consider rebuilding into a 'normal' 110 CSW. Priced 'as is' for about £3500.

What do you think? I have until tomorrow afternoon to decide

Seems very pricey! Probably has more value rebuilt as original to a MV enthusiast. Better off starting with a 110 CSW that needs some work.

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Problem is that I am in Belgium at the moment, and Defenders are priced at almost twice the value as a similar vehicle in the UK. I bought a 200tdi CSW last year for 4000 pounds and still need to 'do' the rear cross member and change the rear axle. (not to mention the RHD - LHD issue, which is fine with me, but the missus is quite irritated by it.)

So, basically, I have a CSW, and could use this 'rolling chassis' to swap from RHD to LHD. Then I can also sell the parts left over from the swap (200tdi, gearbox, axles, etc...)

Still do not know what to do...


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There are substantial differences between a XD Wolf body and civvy ones that may extend to chassis mounts as well. Allso standard and SW chassis differ in small ways, especially in rear passenger footwell mounts. Back axleis different as well

Anything Wolf holds a premium, yiu could put yours on a new galvanised chassis for less..

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