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misfire solved

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Hey there after all the time of me thinkin my 19j engine was goin to self combuste it has been given a new lease of life.

the problem was that the tappet had tried to chew its way out of the engine which occured in the past from a gradual cam belt failure( not my fault) how ever after changing all of the phosphorus bronze slides it is like driving a completey diffirent car and im proud to drive my landy once more ( it got a bit embrassing when i couldnt see behind me when i was driving in the day!!) so now i have plenty of time to save for a 200 tdi to drop in eventually but now my project is drawing to a close ill post the pictures of the tappet slides when i can figure it out it should be a laugh to some people cant belive how lucky i am could have been a hell of a lot worse ill try and get pics up when i think about it

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Graham your a git! :D:D:D

Luke, thats the forum spirit !! posting up fixes is excellent rather than just questions from people and not always getting feedback of resolution when problems are solved (damn not enough punctuation!). :D

Looking forwrad to the pictures......


G :)

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