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As it says I'm looking for valuations on my series 3 109' recovery truck....?

1. As it is (head gasket, no MOT)?

2. Sorted and tested?

3. 200tdi Conversion and tested?



1 next to nothing - about 50 smarties

2 might get 500 - 1000 smarties

3 might get 750-1250 smarties

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It is very origional, every thing done to it was done when it was new by a company who took new landrovers and turn them into recovery trucks.... Dixon Bate recovery crane 1.5 ton SWL.... Landrover MK2 winch lights boards and fixings plugs at front and rear for 12V work lamp, extra dials and switches perkins 2l diesel.... So its pretty much an origional 1 off built to spec for the customer....

Think I'll just sort any niggles I can find, head gasket Mot then sell her....

Series 2 next :(

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