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First big trip


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Hi everyone

We head off in 12 days time for my 96 Tdi"s first big trip, (2500km+); 10 days on Fraser Island :D

What I'm interested in is are there any little things I should look at before embarking apart from the usual oils, filters, coolant etc.

I've already done the timing belt, "P"-gasket, water & hi-lift pump, brake hoses & head gasket (ouch!)


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Take a couple of 6203's for the fan and aircon pulleys. Also a UJ is handy. And two wheel bearings of course. Even if you do not have the tools along to change these bits, any decent garage will be able to change them for you.

I also take a full set of hoses, both belts, an alternator (they tend to fail suddenly), a clutch master cylinder and a few other bits and bobs including grease and wheel oil seals, clutch slave kit and a few other things. It's all prepacked in an army steel ammo box and lives in the vehicle 24/7.

Oh, and don't forget the 90° turbo hose!

On my last long bundu trip I used precisely nothing, but you can't beat the peace of mind.

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