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Replacing a Speed Transducer.....................


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....... on the Discovery output housing has to one of the most difficult fiddly jobs LR ever contrived for wayward DIY Discovery owners.

Laying on your back, handbrake cable tied back with a ratchet strap, (toyed with removing it but decided not a lot to gain) eyes about 14" away from the location & definitely going crosseyed as one tries to see what one is doing, head rest (forget laying your head flat or one's neck will break :unsure: ) trying to get one hand in the small opening, can't just quite see the drive pin & to align it with the speedo drive hole so one doesn't muck it up & miss, so the ST is wrecked after a few km, discarding the sealing O ring that is supplied because it allows the ST to move out of centre & miss the guiding steps. (????)

Apply a light coat of Permasomething instead. Pray.

All this, while holding the head of a head torch in the left hand because no other light source will reach in the opening. No, one can't fit it to one's head as that has further limitations.

The easy bit is getting a flexible drive Allen key on to the screw head to tighten it.

No no no! It's the driving afterwards while holding one's breath in case one missed the drive hole & has to do it all over again if one hasn't mucked it up.


Thank goodness these things are not a routine service item like oil filters & spark plugs or I would put it to the torch with 20 litres of ULP.

It's one of life's experiences I think.

Anybody else got some carp repair jobs on Discoverys? ;)

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