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1999 Freelander engine problem


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OK, I dont have a freelander and have never even sat in one so don't shoot me for being a bit lacking in the knowledge department! I have a series2 and a 90. This post is for a work colleague. :blink:

The guy has a 1999 1.8 petrol model and it has recently been playing about. He seems to be experiencing two issues- one is that the car intermittently picks up in revs (by itself) and levels out at around 3000rpm. Not sure how he clears this...

The other is that the car has been randomly stalling. After conking out it will start fine again immeadiatley afterward.

I have asked if the temp of the engine has any effect, and he is not sure. He has had the ignition checked out and that is all fine. His main problem is that when the AA come out they can't find anything wrong with it :ph34r:

Oh and its done 67000m if that has any bearing on what might be going on.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?



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