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rebuilding a V8


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Yes, an engine from another car, either with an adapter plate or just use the engine & gearbox.

To put that in perspective, the Real Steel 4.8 stroker kit is £1500 (probably more now, my catalogue is old), plus all the work of fitting it, having to update the engine management, and the fact that the engine is then working much closer to its limits of reliability. By the time you've done the whole thing you've probably spent £3000.

In the UK at least, I could buy a BMW 4.4 V8 for ~£500 or less, which then gives me a whole pile of cash to use for fitting. Likewise a Jaguar 3.6 Supercharged, Supra V6-TT, Audi 4.2 V8, Toyota Land Cruiser diesel, Nissan diesel, or for more pennies a Chevrolet LS-1 or L67. All of these engines will make similar or more power from the factory than the Rover, without being stressed.

And, if the engine goes "bang", the engine itself was only £500, not £1500+.

The most it's really worth doing to the Rover V8 is a cam and MegaSquirt, unless you can port heads etc. yourself.

The Rover is over 50 years old, for modern power levels you really need a modern engine. You can get better power & torque from a 90's 2.0 Rover car engine than the Rover V8.

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I believe Jaguar, Mercedes and a few others shared the ZF 4HP22 auto box so there's options there, although it's not a very strong box there are various ways round the problem.

There are quite a few engine conversion kits available, it all depends on what you want, how much you can do, and how much you can spend.

The thing you need to decide is what you want to end up with, what the vehicle needs to do.

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Thanks!! It was Real Stell. :D

an engine from another car??? much better??? for example Mercedes Benz V8 engines? may be BMW v8 engines???? in that case, i will need an adaptor plate between engine an gear box, new exaust manifolds....

try v8 developments 01775750000 speek to rob or shawn good guys very helpfull

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