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How not to cross the Limpopo


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Rob Heyward writes on the za-lro bulletin board:

After the liars at the Pafuri border post told me the river was too deep at Mapai I decided to drive down and check it out anyway seeing there wasn't any other practical way to get to Vilanculos. Aha I thought after 100km drive @ 25km/h arrived at crossing and locals were walking across not even mid-thigh deep, easy meat..didn't even bother to walk it. Often waded deeper than that with no problems besides mother-in-law was in the back.needed to look confident...pity the sand was so soft.nestled gently on the chassis about 1/3rd across with wheels spinning uselessly. Women took off like ducks screeching about crocs etc.. left me in the car with water up to the drivers seat squab. Eventually about 60 locals hand carried 2.5 ton car followed by 1 ton trailer after I parted with 10 x 100 zar notes. Engine idled quietly under water for about 1 hour. Car dried out after a couple of days and after a further 1700kms the smell

has almost gone. Should've walked it.


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not very often you would see that sort of help in the western world

Not very often you would see that many people crossing a river on foot up to their waist in water "in the western world" :D:lol:

not sure quite how much elbow-grease that lady, nor the underage kids, are really putting into it, although it's the thought that counts :)

Judging from the work-rate you tend to see in the warmer weather here, I'd guess even the guys at the front are mainly posing, too :lol: :lol: :lol:

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