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standard 110 and 33x12.5x16 MTs


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All mine has


is about 1.3" lift on the front end (Mill Services spacers and a set of Discovery rear spring isolator rings) and nothing on the back (though something is planned when I find something that is what I want!) - no significant problems with rubbing, i.e. you can occasionally hear it but nothing that does any damage. A lot of it depends on the load in the vehicle, if I was running it heavily laden it might be more of a problem, as it is, it normally just has 2 people and about 100kg of kit in the back though I have done a few trips with 4 up and the same kit in the back with not much more noise.

Usually with std suspension the tyres rub on the plastic arches a bit but those just bend out of the way normally and then spring back afterwards. May be a different story if on wide offset rims or 10x15s where the tyres stick out a mile, mine are std 8x15 modulars.

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