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Engine Mud


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No harm in running clean water through the alternator, they much prefer that to being full of mud etc.

I generally hose everything off, then give the alternator and other electricals a dousing with WD40 to discourage corrosion. I've been known to use spray white grease on things like battery terminals, alternator, water pump bearing, and anything else that rotates and could have either got crud in it or been dried out of lubrication by pressure washing. As long as you keep it off the belts, there's nothing that will mind being hit with WD40 so help yourself.

Once everything's re-lubricated I run the thing up to temperature to dry it all off.

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where would one get some of this gunk?? just had a lot of work done to my engine and its all covered in dirty oil and is starting to smell when up to temp bad times!!

Any half decent motor factors should stock Gunk / Jizer or similar. If you live out in the sticks go to your local agricultural / tractor spares place as they will have it in there.

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