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Yet anothe rear door glass problem.


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Sorry about reposting this, stuck it on the end of a previous posting were it most likely will get get missed.

My V plate 5 door has just started playing up with a back window problem

If I pull the door handle the window drops but only around 1/2" , not enough to allow the door to open... I have found that I can just push the window down another 1/2" or so just by putting a little downwards force on the glass with the flat palm of my hand. it then stops solidly and allows the door to open.

I have had the inner door panel off and there appears to be extra slack in the cable nearest to the door catch, if I try to hold the cable to remove the slack(around 1/2" or so) the window drops to the required position so electrically all seems OK I could possibly make a spacer to take the slack out of the cable by holding the outer sleeve away further but I would rather correct the problem rather than bodge it !!

I've had a look at the LR workshop manual and I can't seem to find out anything regarding the wire cable operation. It just goes on about the window glass possition etc but nothing obvious about the arrangement for the wire run.

Any suggestion of a possible cause / cure..... I was wondering if the cable may have a clamp somewhere at the end which may have slipped or similar but I can't see one..

Any ideas appreciated...


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I would agree - there was a seller on ebay doing replacement window wires etc etc as a repair kit and that might be worth a look. it sounds like the cables have stretched somehow.

Maybe yet another problem that is going to befall us all in the future!

Can't say I'm unhappy with mine 8yrs old and it went straight through MOT however if someone knows where i can get a replacement bit of air duct that takes the air intake from the front wing on a TD4 to the top of the engine then please shout!

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