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Lazy headlight on my Disco I 300 Tdi


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Soon after I bought my Disco I 300 Tdi, I noted that the left front light on dim (low), would sometimes not light up immediately, only when I flicked the brights (high beam) will the light recover. This has been going for a long time, but as the problem disappeared when flashing the lights I left it. I got worse inn that now occasionally both low and high beam was intermittent. I suspected the globe, replaced it, no improvement. Shook the left front harness, and the light flickered, now I got concerned, looking for a weak wire in a harness can be a pain. I was also looking for a earth (negative continuity) fault.

As a precaution I removed the air filter box, and discovered an earth (negative) terminal floating on a stud, that is fixed to the body, the nut and washer missing. Replaced the washer and nut, screwed the terminal back in place and away goes the light problem.

This one was easy and quick to repair.

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