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Roll cage removal

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I need to remove the half roll cage from my 90 Black for blasting and powder coating. It's bolted on in four places, wing top near wind screen and above the rain gutter. Are the nuts captive, or will I need to remove the interior trim in the roof? (It never seems to go back as well when trim is removed). I've put my hand up inside the wing from the from the bonnet, but I can't feel any nuts let alone get a spanner there.

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I've just got around to trying the bolts as suggested and everything seems to be captive nuts. I've loosened everything off and started to remove the bolts - then CLUNK! as the bolts on the roof bracket are removed - captive nuts drop inside roof. I can see the clip thingy for the captive nuts through one of the holes for the bolts. How do you remove the appropriate trim without damage? :blink:

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Managed to loosen enough trim to get fingers onto captive nuts and hold them in place. O.K. BUT whilst the rest of the bars are ready to ping off, the bars to the roof are not budging despite the bolts in the plate being off. What's holding them in place? Any ideas?

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This look very similar to the 50th Anniversary cage :)

On these the bar on the front wings bolts to a plate with captive nuts and a rubber seal between them :) the lower part is more like an angle plate which is bolted to the bulkhead bolts holes a la front wing rear, then a oplate at the top with welded nuts

On the roof similar rubber seal, but the capitive bolts go into plates which I think was removable so they will fall away, but easy enough to refit



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