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300tdi headgasket again!!!


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Hi, i get the head back on friday and i need to get the head gasket from landrover. the one i have removed had three holes, on measuring the protrusion with a dial

gauge the readings are about 0.55 to 0.7. according the manual three holes should be for 0.7100 to 0.8. the head has been off at some point cos there is a nice ring mark on no.3 piston, cambelt probs no doubt. because a three hole gasket came off would it be safer to put a three hole back (don't want to put another gasket on it just yet). advice will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, rocky.

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A ring mark on the piston doesn't mean that the head has been off. When the cambelt snaps there is no damage to the valves or piston. The pushrods take the impact and bend. Sometimes a rocker will snap as well. A busted timing belt doesn't require head removal. A 3-notch gasket is usually what's fitted at the factory, so use the same one when you put it all back together.


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Thanks, I will, the tolerances are so close i suppose it won't make much difference. With a bit of luck it will be mobile Friday morning. Rocky

Rocky, I can't recall if it was mentioned, but please check the valve stand down measurements, before putting the head back, I trusted the engineering works, and they had the stan down values exactly on the minimum value, which cost me removing the head again, this time I had them cut the seats to a stand down value between minimum and maximum values. The Tdi head has a lot of "meat" in the valve seat.

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