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Twin fuel tanks.


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I have two fuel tanks(under seat).

is there an easy effictive way to have a switchable fuel pump to get the fuel from either tank via a switch.

Rather than the old brass tap and almost always having to use the primer pump to get presure back. (being Diesel)


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Hi all

i am going to fit twin tanks when i have finnished the engine conversion as for the left hand tank was thinking of using an electric pump to transfer fuel from the left tank into the right tank when the right tank starts to get low no need for a tap.

cheers graham.

1962 s11a swb

was a 2.1/4 petrol

now its a 200 tdi.

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replace the brass valve with a switchable T and use an electric pump, or two electric pumps then a fixed T. If you wanted to be clever it would be doable to put sensors in the tanks (ie electric fuel guage sender) and have a micro controller decide which tank to use.

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