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Cant wait for it to live again


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Hi all, have not posted much on here but have been lurking for ages sucking up the knoledge. I bought a R reg disco last June from my Uncle that he had had for a while, my Wife had always said that if he came to get rid of it she would like to have it! Well to cut a long story short a bought the car knowing that it would need a new Clutch so I got that done straight away, the first mistake I made was I took it to Mr Clutch (Never ever again) they bodged it. I also new that it had had the head gasket done recently as well, the engine was on 168K and unfortunatly is still had some overheating problems and used water, after doing some digging around I had a look at the radiator to find it completly knackard with vary few fins on it. So I fitted a new radiator but the damage was already done. After another trip back to MR clutch the disco overheated for the last time and seized. It has now been stuck outside my house since last December while we have tried to save up for a new engine. The time has now come and I bought an engine of Ebay - 100K on clock (dodgy I know) and it is being fitted next week. I am having the cambelt done and of course all new filters, I also need to get at least two of the door locks done.

So once the new engine is plumbed in we should be good to go again, but then that nagging feeling is going to come back about what is going to go wrong next, I did for a couple of months have a 3L V6 shogun which was older than the Disco but you could never tell and it was a joy to drive it not thinking that it was going to break down, the only thing that did let it down was that it did not drive as nice as the disco.

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Ok, late model 300Tdi. In view of the history, change the thermostat and water pump. Do not fit a Britpart water pump as they last only a week or two. The heater hoses round the back of the engine tend to blow on Discos as well. If you have a black coolant expansion tank, throw it away and fit a white/translucent plastic one. Check all hoses for cracking. Check your viscous fan - if it is oily/dusty in the centre, throw it away and fit a new one. Have a look at the p-gasket (look behind the alternator, if you see coolant on the block it needs changing).

Preferably fit a coolant level detector to warn you if the coolant level drops for any reason. More Disco engines have been reduced to scrap by coolant level problems than any other reason.

Oh, and keep your antifreeze level high. This is to stop corrosion of the Welch plugs as much as anything else.

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I suppose if you're always paying someone to do the work it's going to get pretty painful, Land Rovers always need something tinkering with but they keep going, jap stuff will run like a sewing machine for years and then die or rust to the point of being worthless.

My advice - invest in a good set of tools and get learnin' :)

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Thanks for the tips Jim, I will be looking out for a tranlucent expansion tank, I always thought it was bloody stupid having a black one thats difficult to see inside :rolleyes:

I might as well get a P-gasket when I pick up the cambelt kit.

My other car is a Nissan Primera and the thing is brilliant for reliability, thats why I thought I would try a shogun out for a few months, it was good for a lot of things but both my wife and thought it was rubish to drive compaired to the Disco.

I have some tools and will give most things ago, I will be stripping as much of the engine as I can this weekend prior to it going to the garage on Monday, its going to cost at least £300 to have the old engine taken out and the new one plumbed in, that was before I asked for the cambelt to be done.

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Bit late now, but just because an engine has siezed - it doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Siezure from coolant loss usually just affects the pistons/bores and sometimes cylinder head, so a re-bore and head work/replacement could be all that's needed. Siezure from oil loss is a different thing entirely, and usually totalls the engine. There's always a risk with buying second hand - you most likely don't know the history ofr the engine, or indeed, if it will run ok after you have fitted it. Ideally - a second hand engine needs to be seen running before you buy it - you have at least a good idea of what you are getting. I would personally always rebuild an engine unless it was obviously beyond reasonable repair. At least if you do this, you have what is essentially an engine that is pretty-much as good as new. Even if I had to buy a second hand engine - I would still totally dismantle and rebuild it.


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Guest DiscoTD4

Hi there

I had two brand new Discos and a new Shogun 2.8 GLS a few years ago and know where you are coming from.

I currently have a second hand R reg Disco TDi300 auto with 44k on the clock (Chinese import)and a second hand Shogun Sport 52 reg with 4,800 on the clock (yes 4,800 - was owned by a 90 year old gentleman!)

Whilst the Shogun is like brand new, in places underneath it is rusting terribly just through sitting outside in the weather. Also the few bolts I have undone, such as the engine undertray were seized solid. I even sheared one off trying to remove it. Clearly the production line staff don't like getting their hands dirty putting grease on bolts during assembly!

Contrast with the Disco, albeit a Chinese import that has not seen salty roads or much rain, the Disco is in incredible condition underneath and it's built like a tank - much more 'industrial' and solid than the Shogun.

Both vehicles have their own strengths and weaknesses and I enjoy driving and working on both of them, but the Disco is the more robust of the two vehicles and has that character that's lacking in the Shogun.

Preventative maintenance is the key here, and you will find parts are surprisingly cheap and plentiful if you search the net.

I went right through mine changing all the oils, belts and filters as well as checking everything over and have total confidence in her.

So roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. With a good engine, new clutch and rad your half way there!

Good luck

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I went down the second hand engine route as rebuilding the engine was beyond my means and I had a quote of £800 (including new head) to have the top rebuilt again and I also had no idea what other damage was done from it seizing, thee was oil in the water in the expansion tank and it was suggested that one of the cylinders could have had been damaged explaining the un explaned coolent loss, like I said it was doing some funny things with getting hot. It is a risk with the engine but hopefully it will done all in for £800 with a lot lower mileage engine. If it does turn out to not be a very good engine i will be seeking to get my money back from the seller, there will also be an Disco that I will be breaking up :(

Les I wish I had your mechanical ability and knowledge, it would save me a few hundered quid over the years!

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