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Hard wiring a winch


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Ive decided to hardwire the winch into the cab using a on/off/on Mom switch from x-eng I already have the switch, what sort of wires do I need to use Amp wise? 2nd question is can it be wired so the handset can still be used? Ideally I would like it there as a just incase thing.


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wires dont need to be big 1mm as all they do is switch the contactor , yes it is possable to still use your remote, just need to either join the wires together or run a set from each switch /remote to the solinoid/contactor

on my truck i run 3 switches on bothe the fron and rear winch , in cab in cubby box , switch on body work front and rear (by winch) and a warn plug on front and rear to plug in wander lead

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Probably someone will pull me up for doing this, but I used 4-core cabling. It's more than man enough for small current in switching solenoid, and is sleeved to protect it.

I used all four cores to take pos, neg, and direction poles back to solenoid. Simply use 10mm spade connectors to piggy back on hand control connections on solenoid and 10mm spade for carling switches. Simply feed +12v and GND from solenoid to switch and have direction inputs on each 'mom' spade to return.



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