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Wobbly Wheel

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Once again i need some help :P

On the drive home tonight i went round a right hand bend and the front nearside wheel sounded like it was grinding on something. when i got home checked the wheel and while rocking it vertically it sounded like something moving about....i jacked the wheel up and was shocked to find the wheel had about an inch of movement and on closer inspection it seemed like the disk was moving within the caliper

Has anybody got any idea what could be the problem?

Many thanks


P.S. its a 98 300 TDi 90

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Guest diesel_jim
i would have thought that if it was the wheel bearing wouldnt the wheel wobble in all directions?

probably not because the brake caliper would hold the disk in some kind of line, and prevent movement in a particular direction.

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Guest diesel_jim
The reason it doesn't wobble in all directions is because only the left and right hand side of the bearing is worn :P

Les. :)

Ahh... so you could take the bearing out and move it round a few degrees and get some more life out of it? excellent! :lol:

bit like having a flat tyre....only at the bottom..

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