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V8 Bearings....

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As some of you know im in the middle of a 4.6 build. Ive completed the bottomend and im currently stripping the heads. Now ive been around long enough to know the reputation that Britpart has for parts failing. Im now a little nervous because the main / big-end bearings i bought from island 4x4 came in the dreaded blue box. As im getting impatient to finish this build i used them but now the more i think about it, the more im concerned.

Has anyone used their bearings before and had problems. Also when i bought the rods/pistons for the engine, they came minus bearings. These new bearings dont completely cover the rod/cap surface if you know what i mean? The journal diameter is correct ie 2.3" but they dont seem wide enough. Is this normal on the 4.6?

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Throw them in the bin

Use some decent like Vendervelt - these are the HEART of your engine :(

Sorry prob not what you want to hear :lol: ..............


your right. its not what i wanted to hear. the only thing that crossed my mind though was that although britpart was selling them, maybe there actually manufactured by someone else???? ive just completed my bottom-end :(

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did you check the clearances?

imo as long as the clearances are correct the manufacturer of the bearings shouldnt matter.

Poor quality control may lead to overtight or overloose bearings which would in turn cause early failure, but if the clearances are correct you shouldnt have any problems imo

For the few engines ive built ive always gone to a local engine components place, because i figure if their main line of business is selling engine parts, they're not going to take chances and sell ****e, because if they do, their business goes down the pan.

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