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Defender 300TDI Alarm

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Guest diesel_jim
My alarm seems to work fine, if I open a door when armed, the indicators start to flash..

There is no sound though. Does the alarm have its own sounder or should it use the cars horn?

What could be wrong?

Depending on the version of the alarm (if its the same setup as the Td5...which shares the same 10AS alarm unit as the Tdi) then you'll either have "the horn", or a "sounder" (sounds like a horn) or a BBUS (battery backed up sounder...which will go off if you unplug it without first adhering to a particular sequence of ignition on/off/hopping on one leg/whistling the national anthem)

i think it's just a case of wire following. the sounder and BBUS usually live alongside the horn (front LH side behind the headlight)

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Guest diesel_jim
Doesn't the battery backed up sounder have a key on the back to turn off the sounder?

The Td5 ones don't, you have to do a sequence of ignition on/off then disconnect the battery in under 15 seconds to keep it quiet.

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