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Alloy Wheel Paint


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A while back Les displayed his immaculate 300TDi engine with nicely refurbed and painted timingcase etc.

He used Comma 5 wheel silver for the alloy which didnt need any primer however I seem to be only able to get Simoniz Alloy 5 wheel silver.

I dont see any reason to not use the Simoniz stuff but there is no mention of applying direct without primer and its also Acrylic (which I have no knowledge of and unable to get details of Comma stuff to compare).

So my question is do I need to primer the alloy first and is Acrylic ok for the intended use?

Dumb question I know but worth asking before it starts peeling off in the engine bay in afew years time... :o

Didn't want to PM Les direct to ask as he may think I am stalking him.... :D

If I have no definate answers I will just play safe and primer anyway....


G :)

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I think acrylic paint is for plastics? I wouldn't use it unless it stated for definite that it would be ok to use on hot metal surfaces - same for the primer. You could use Sperex (VHT) paint, but the colour range is a bit limited, and it really needs to be baked on (can you get a whole engine in your oven, and would wifey kill you if you tried it? :) ) Specific wheel paint is designed to take the temperature from the brakes, so is ideal for an engine too. There is also engine laquer, which I used on the block and sump, but if you don't want to brush it on, you will need spray gear. The colour range is also limited. I would imagine that any 'wheel paint' would be fine. It's possible that any 'alluminium paint' will also be suitable, but the only way to be sure would be to do a test piece and then put it in a warm oven. The paint might tarnish over time though, and become brown.


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Hi Les,

Thanks for the reply.

The Simoniz 5 Wheel Alloy spray paint is for alloy wheels (I was initially sceptical as I remember Simoniz best from its "Back to Black" and cleaning products) and my nearest local motor factor and halfrauds stock it.

I think I will wait and go with Comma as theres no point reinventing the wheel (The Mrs would probably notice if the inside of the oven turns into a spray booth :D ).

By the way how many tins did you get through Les?

With regard to the block I have already painted it with Red Tetrosyl Engine Lacquer by brush and the results are nice.

For preperation I used a wire brush in a drill (the type that looks like an old brush from a coal fire rather than the usual round type) and used Carb Cleaner to chase of the debris and degrease.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the link I had tried this yesterday but the closest ditributor is Dingbro who are trade only and the next local stockist isn't quite close enough to pop around to.

I will give them a call to order the stuff in and collect next weekend.

Thanks for your help gents.


Grant :)

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