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Can anyone help me find Nissan GU/Y61 axles?

Steve 90

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Getting the bits together for the rebuild, Have a few options for axles Volvo, Mog or if I could find them Nissan GU.

Searched the country High and low but cant find any GU's. Found a set in France but then realised they are LHD :( so im on a Last gasp attempt to see if I can find some. Can anyone help? Im open to the option of getting them sent from overseas (dependent on price) as long as they are RHD. Any Help much appreciated.

I don't want to get into the whole Portal v's std axle debate here, I'm very open to the portal option but the Nissans are my preference so I want to see what's available and at what price before I do anything.



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Is there a reason why they have to be Y61 rather than Y60? Y60 would be so much easier to find, as Y61 is made from 1998 onwards there aren't really any in the breakers, especially since they didn't sell vast amounts of them.

Yea, The CV's in the Y60 arn't much larger than the rover CV so theres no gain over what I have now. The Y61 cv is much larger.

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Hi Steve,

Even I had troubles getting LHD units from France without travelling the whole world. If you get a decent set for around £1000back and £1400 for the front end take it and be a happy man! Even in AUS they becoming expensive. You may get a beter deal getting a LHD and buy the RHD swivel . I used a special ARB sideplate, which uses as bigger Toyota 80 series bearing to prevent ripping the locker in pieces. I heard about a new ARB locker coming out soon for the Y61 to prevent this. m


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