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losing power then 1 cylinder stoped firing


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Hi all, i am looking for a bit of help. I am in Italy at the moment with my have a 1999 Disco.

For about the last 100miles or so it has been losing power on high revs and struggling to get to 70mph.

I changed the fuel filter yesterday and took it for a drive, after a couple of miles 1 cylinder stoped firing, i got home on 4. It stayed on 4 ticking over and on high revs.

This morning i started it, it started on 4 cylinders but after about a minute of ticking over it went back to 5. Still lacking power at higher revs when driving.

Could this be the injector wiring loom? Or is it more likely to be injectors? Or something els?

I have read that it could be a vacuum leak at the intake manifold, is this possible? Can i test for anything?

Am coming back to England in 6 weeks (i hope)

Thanks for any help.

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Injector harness would be my guess. If you do not know when it was last changed then change it anyway, if it isn't that causing the problem now you will be ruling out (or at least delaying) a dead cert problem at some point in the future!

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Have now checked ecu and found and cleaned out a little oil in the plug and unit.

i have put some injector cleaner in the tank.

But still lacking power in 4th and 5th geares, the engine starts to hesitate from about 2300 revs.

Will try looking for an injector harness tomorow. But could this still be the problem? should i just cut my losses and head for a Land rover garage?

(Iti mechanics not overly helpful if you donnt speak Italian well)


K88 MUD, BogMonster

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I have replaced the injector harnes but was still loosing power on acceleratoin in 4th and 5th so i checked all the turbo hosing and it all seemed to be ok, so i checked the the new fuel filter to try and make it was seated ok.

i have just been for a test drive and about half a mile down the road the engine came to a stop. when i tryed to restart i noticed the in tank fuel pump was not working.

when i got to it i turned the ignition on and gave it a couple of taps with a hammer and i fired up, i got home on 4 cylinder. only 4 when ticking over or reved.

could a dodgey fuel pump have caused the missfire in the first place? or is this a new problem? :huh:

can i test that it is the pump? would a selanoid problem stop the pump when running? or just not start the pump in the first place.

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The pump only runs for a set time so make sure you were not listening to it after that - I know somebody who once spent 2 days looking for a wiring fault on an EFI petrol engine (non LR) before he realised that the in tank pump was only energised for 5 sec after the ignition was switched on, unless the engine was started :)

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if you turn the ign on and pump the accerlator pedal about 5 time untill the engine manangment light flashes then the pump will run for a lot longer. then you can check the pressure at the filter by unscrewing the water sensor a bit if none comes out at pressure, and he pumping is working, the pump is at fault

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