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exhaust options

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I have a 300tdi 90 and want to replace the exhaust because i have just fitted a rear winch tray and now the standard one will not fit !! i would like to do something like the side exits i have seen.

if anybody has advice or any pics or think of any good suggestion are welcome any photo's would be great !!



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scorpian racing do a system that comes up the outside of the chassis leg ( :ph34r::ph34r: in hiding ready to be shot at :ph34r::ph34r: ) copy theres dont buy (hope that makes it better) :D

or as mentioned with the gwen lewis or similar are also a good idea

mine comes out the back made me self simple enough

dave :ph34r:


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Whew, thats some impressive/tedious welding Jacks.

Out of curiosity, I'm thinking of replacing mine as well, on a 110 2.5L N/A I'd like to leave out the muffler and just have a resonator on the end. Will it be significantly louder? Not that the noise from the engine will likely drown it out anyway :P

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