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jetex exhausts on v8

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Any thoughts ?

Am considering building my own exhaust from parts here. Anyone know what the silencers are like ? I have a cherry bomb at the moment and, not surprisingly, it makes quite the racket !

U447600 looks very cherry-bomb alike from the outside, but it's nice and small and would keep clearance down. Anyone got any recommendations on any of their silencers in terms of noise and quality etc ?

It's for a 3.5 v8, it's a pretty stock (and tired) engine, but the cherry bomb is deafening at the best of times. A bit more quiet (but not tooooooo much ;)) would be nice.

edit: oops, wrong URL !

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I run a double s stainless "replacment silencer" from one of their systems. It is the standard in one side out the other, however it sounds just right, not too loud, not too quiet. Inside not that much different to standard unless kick-down then you can hear that you have a nice little sweet sound. Oh btw, I also run janspeed tubular manifolds which make the overall sound just a little more crisp and clear. I would recommend this


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