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Intermittent starting


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My 96 300 Tdi disco has an annoying intermittent starting problem,

turn the key all dash lights on as usual keep turning the keyand no power to the starter motor,

sometimes if I move the alarm fob ( 2 button type) around the key the engine will start,

and there are occasions when this does not help and it will not start at all, I leave the car for an hour or so , turn the key and all is well

All this makes fault finding almost impossible

I hope some of you guys can offer some advice.

Thanks Ian.

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sounds like classic spider disease :)

Rather than mess about repairing it, the best thing to do is to get hold of the bypass unit and fit that as this gets rid of the damn thing permanently! The bypass is basically a plug with the connections hard-wired across it, to shove in the harness, it replaces the spider unit.

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