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Standard Spring replacement

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I've decided for peace of mind (see my other recent thread on front axle off centre problems!!!) to changes the radius arm bushes and coil springs.

The vehicle, 90 with 2.5na is all standard apart from superwinch x9 and wincch bumper fitted.

I'm going to use OEM bushes, but can i have some advice on replacement springs please. I dont want any significant lift, but wonder whether the extra weight on the front because of the winch (which isn't a huge weight) warrants heavy duty springs.

What would be a good combination of front and rears?

Also any recommendation on after market springs? Are the Britpart 'yellows' from the likes of paddocks ok?

Should also mentiion the vehicle isn't going to be used heavily of road.



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I went for Heavy Duty 90 Land Rover springs all round on mine. Gives about 1" lift with a winch on front. The springs are..

  • NRC9448 Blue/Red 15.31" 225 lbs/inch on rear
  • NRC9449 Yellow/White 14.80" 225 lbs/inch on front

They give a good stable ride on road and work well off too.

Mines a TD5 with the rear fuel tank, so I fitted some RR rubber isolators on rear springs to bring it up level. If you try this on yours you may not need them..


If you buy new they cost about 30 pounds a spring, aftermarket about 20 pounds each and they often come up on ebay as people take them off new 90's. I bought a complete set of 2x blue/red and 2x yellow white for 99p each pair.






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Thanks Steve,

I was under the impression that it would be normal to fit the nrc9448 on the drivers side and the nrc9449 on the passenger side, rather than matching fronts and rears???



Yes they are sided by Land Rover. My 90 left the factory with the following springs..

RH Rear NRC9448 Blue/Red 15.31" 225 lbs/inch

RH Front NRC9446 Blue/Green 15.19" 175 lbs/inch

LH Rear NRC9449 Yellow/White 14.80" 225 lbs/inch

LH Front NRC9447 Blue/Yellow 14.80" 175 lbs/inch

So if you want a completely standard set up this is it. You could correct the drop at the front from your winch and bumper by using the LR rubber isolators.

I have 255/85 16's fitted so with my winch and bumper I wanted it level and a bit of a lift, hence why I went for my spring selection.

Hope this helps


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