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Since tay's coming up!!


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try and find an essential oil with bog myrtle in it thats a natural plant round here that keeps the buggers away. or there is a spray made by life systems with myrtle extract in it called midge spray funnily enough.

I've always thought / been told that midges are attracted by the carbon dioxide concentration. The solution's simple. Stop Breathing. ;)

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When I used to do forestry work - there were worse things than midges that wanted their drop of blood, such as horse flies (clegs to you scots chaps :) ) I used stuff called Anthisan cream to ease the bites, and while I used it - I didn't get bitten. It's not designed as a repellant, but it worked fine for me. Sweat washes it off, so unless you put some on every now and then - the little buggers will get you.


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eat lots of spicy curry laced with plenty of garlic for a few days before you go.

the body cannot break down the spices or garlic oils very easily and it is secreted out of your skin.

(non-racist observation - thats why some minorities smell funny to us europeans... ;) )

midges dont like these secretions, as they are a toxin - so they stay well away!

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