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Borg and Beck rubbish clutch

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Had a Defender in with no drive, got a bit worried as it was a 1995 R380 and I don't think it has the cross-drilled gear. Anyway, the clutch centre had broken inside the plate. Looked alright but just went round and round with little noise. We always use Valeo HD clutches, never had a problem with them. The B&B one even manages to look cheap.

The people who had changed the clutch about 40k miles before had also not changed the fork, so there was a problem waiting to happen..... We weld a bar across the back of ours, rather like the Britpart HD item they sell now.

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My opinion and experience is the opposite of yours Jim. Only once did I have a problem with a B&B clutch - Westerns was slipping for no apparent reason. I almost exclusively find that Valeo clutches have broken - rather than worn out.

This is a Valeo item off a 110 that has never been used hard and yet it had completely fallen apart -



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Les, the guy that does my work for me now told me he has never changed a Discovery/ Defender clutch that was worn out.

All were broken like your's is in your pic.

When Rachel had her clutch changed at 160,000 miles one of the cushion springs had fallen out. That was the first clutch change in her Discovery

I like Borg and Beck gear.


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Just had 3 clutchs changed out in 2 years now.

Decided that when rebuilding the 90 that I would change the cluch friction, pressure plate, bearing and fork. I bought a B & B and this was OK until 18 months later and the clutch started slipping towing the trialer and caravan nearly leaving us stranded 600miles from home.

I then got a genuine parts clutch which was a Valeo and fitted this only 6 months later to find I could not disengage gears.

B&B looked ok just quite shiny on the friction plate

Valeo one had a part broken off it which was jamming the mechanism.

Final one is AP driveline had no problems with that one yet

Nuts and bolts are now well greased so it comes to bits real easy now !!


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The pressure plate clutch springs failed on my old Valeo clutch. Plate was fine apart from that with plenty of wear left in it.

It all got changed as a precaution before a big trip, so wouldn't have got done otherwise.

A Valeo 130 plate has gone in to replace it which seems OK.

However, the gearboxes may be coming out soon, so we'll see how this thread develops and possibly change the plate again for a different make. :huh:

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Not sure, but I think all the plates we use are Valeo HD 130. We are actually at the mercy of our suppliers who get the stuff from Bearmach. I see the Floader clutches they stock are in a red/black box marked AP, but the Tdi/TD5 ones are Valeo. The interesting thing is that the B&B clutch which broke WAS in a 127 Tdi. It's the only broken Tdi clutch I have seen so far. Maybe we are just better drivers down here haha. Possibly less traffic, to be sure.

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