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A frame ball joint


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trying to remove the ball joint off my axle and when i turn the nut the joint just turns so it wont undo and there nothing to grip,

You've normally got 2 options:

1 - try to get some form of mole grips, stilsons or similar between the axle and the a-frame to grip it, or -

2 - jack the a-frame down from the chassis to jam the taper into the axle (this normally works if you've used plenty of WD40 on the nut or similar.

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You need to make sure that the thread is clean or else once the nut hits the dirty/rusty thread the ball joint will just spin.....just like TRE :)

PlasticBadger method number 2 works but you also need to use a rachet strap (a ferkin big one :) ) around axle and tow ball to stop you simply jacking the suspension up!!

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Ok i'll try cleaning up the threads cant try plasticbadger idea no.2 becasue the axle isnt on a vehicle

Doh! I'd cut apart the ball joint cup to get at the inner and then hold that with a fecking big pair of stilsons.

The only other way is if you have a sazall or cengar type saw that will cut the nut off...

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4 1/2" grinder with a worn down grinding disc will allow you to slit the nut then you can attack it with a hammer/chisel/big screwdriver/swearwords/molegrips/fire thus enableing its removal.


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