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Im a new member here, and I want to ask you guys how I can make my defender sound like this:

I own a 90" 300 TDI, with an Allisport uprated intercooler and siliconehoses... and standart exhaustsystem. The dieselpump has been tweaked a little.

Its the turbosound I like.

Some might think that it is a stupid question...



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First you will need to fit a Td5 and then remove the main silencer box, substituting it with a straight pipe. You can get a similar sound from a Tdi but if you are not careful it becomes unpleasant to drive and you sound like a chav in a Nova.

The first sentence is fact, the second is my personal experience and opinion.


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Guest diesel_jim

The Td5 in my project110 sounds pretty much similar to that clip.

i've got a standard downpipe, standard (110) big main silencer, then a straight pipe out to the back (Well, not exactly straight, it's off of my old 110 HiCap 3.9 V8 i used to have, and is a Rimmer Brother stainless V8 sports rear pipe)

it's definately got that "Drott bulldozer" turbo whistle to it.

Like Chris said though, too much noise = headache. my old 300Tdi 90 had a 3" system my friend and I made, great, engine revved nice and "free", but too damn noisy, i took it off and replaced it with a more standard system in the end (well, slightly standard.... half the noise, but same free-ness in getting rid of the exhaust)

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