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New fuel pump - constant whining

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Hi all

I was told by my LR dealer that I needed a new fuel pump... my old one was beginning to whine (it never used to do it). I replaced the fuel pump, but the new pump is even louder!?!

What should I be looking for? The whine is constant, even when the engine is hot and the vehicle is running - loud enough for you to hear it across a car park

thanks in advance...

(2002 Td5 Defender)

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I would take the pump back - it should never be that loud.

Mine does whine enough that if you stand at the back of the Defender you can just hear it over the engine on tickover - but never across a car park!

The pump will whine (work) all the time as it has to pressurise the fuel system to 4bar? or something around that figure for each little injector pump on top of each injector to work :)

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Not sure about diesels, but I've had EFI fuel pumps whine when:

- The pressure relief valve is stuck (either open or closed)

- There's air or vapour in the system

- The fuel pump is on its way out

- A filter is really blocked

- There's water or swamp in the tank

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one thing to check is where the filter screws onto the filter head remove the pipes off the filter head marking where they go then remove the connector that screws to the head and check if one is blocked i had this on a customers car it was a little bit of dry glue from the after market fuel filtere ( from memory i think its the one where the black pipe connects) also once you remove the connectors one will have a orange flap in it make sure thats all ok and not ripped and the other will have a white valve in it make sure thats ok if noise still there change those two connectors

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I have a nanocom and it has come up with the following faults:

FAULT 10-04 gearbox/abs drive open load LOGGED

FAULT 10-06 mil lamp drive open load LOGGED

FAULT 10-07 glowplug lamp drive open load LOGGED

FAULT 14-04 gearbox/abs drive open load CURRENT

FAULT 15-02 High speed crank LOGGED

FAULT 27-02 injector 2 peak charge long LOGGED

FAULT 27-03 injector 3 peak charge long LOGGED

FAULT 31-04 injector 4 open circuit LOGGED

As a side issue, the vehicle also has problems starting after it has been sitting a while (esp overnight / when engine cold)

I do apologise for my ignorance (you are probably sitting there thinking what on earth does this guy have a nanocom for?) but I am learning the slow and hard way... live in Africa with nearest dealer 100 miles away and local garages don't care for Landys :(

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