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24 spline diff in drum brake axle

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Guest diesel_jim

Yup, fits straight on.

some military, and the V8 90's, had the 24 spline 4 pinion (heavy duty) diff fitted.

you need the V8 90 rear halfshafts to fit properly, as the later defender/disco one probably won't be long enough, and/or the drive flanges won't mate properly to the hubs.

the shafts can be had quite cheap from Bearmach, i got a replacement for mine for under £30

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theres a chance the shafts wouldn`t have fitted in the axle tube anyway, i was told they would fit when i did it on mine, but the 24 spline shafts have a shightly thicker section a couple of inches from the outer edge + it wouldn`t go into the axle tube....

mine fit without any probs.... easy conversion...

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i took the 24 spline diff and shafts from the back of a disco 1 200tdi L reg with disk brakes, and the shafts wouldn`t fit in the rear axle of a 1990 90 csw (2.5 petrol) with drums on the back...hth

Theres a different PCD between disco & LR axles on the drive flange end.

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Cil111 did you buy new half shafts or use the original ones. my diff and half shafts are from a disco 1 axle

well what really happened in my case was that i have a rear 90 drum 10 spline axle...

I wanted to fit an ARB locker and wanted it in 24 spline since if i want to opt for heavy duty shafts there is more choice...

Diff (with arb fitted in) went it without any probs, just a couple of longer studs in a particular place if i am not mistaken and then got Bearmach 24 spline V8 shafts that fit straight on the standard drive flanges..

300 tdi standard shafts have the drive flange as part of the shaft and I think the bolts do not line up... however the bearmach shafts are pretty decent and rather cheap...

5 inches still sticking out with or without the drive flange? i think the width of the drive flange is a bit less than that so it would explain why you have the bit sticking out....

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5 inches of shaft sticking out cos the shafts out of the back of a 200tdi disco 1 are not the same diameter all the way along: about 5 inches from the outer end they increase in diameter for about a 2 inch stretch... they become thicker than the hole they are supposed to go into...

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