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Got the car back from the TOY shop


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Ok 90 has come back from ARB today.

Have a new front ARB bumper with Warn 9000i winch, with IPF spot lights, and UHF areil (by the way notice the tint on the side windows. only cost £20 a window here , :D ) Also had a full Old Man Emu kit fitted as well ,with the steering damper

So gave me a bit of lift




Also got a twin battery split charge system fitted whih also goes out to the camping trailer which will be on the back , once they have finished making it


And of course the fridge frezzer for all the beers and food, call me a name droper but had to an ARB one :D

But it is an engel really. But it is a 40 ltr one



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Very Smart Truck!

Those lights look so much nicer than the nasty wipac ones previously fitted! :rolleyes:

like the blue overspray on the Optima too! :D

Nah thats the grese they put on batterys here for the contacts just happens it is the same colour as the car :D

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Looking very nice there Al

Defiantely crying out for a set of 255/85x16 BFG muds to finish it off.

How much did the fridge cost/weigh. I'd like to bring one of those back, next time I'm in Aus :)

When you going bush ?

Going bush the end of this month. which is when we get our new off road camping trailer too :D

The fridge was $1050 so about so about £430. But worth it and a hell of alot cheaper than over there :blink:

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Ali, very smart and probably cost about half the price it would have done over here :( It really looks the bussiness now but I'd agree with Andy, 255x85s would really finish it off.

u is a tart ;)

startin to look like your old 90 already...........

Tony, I did some experimentation with mine and it makes no real differance. Max EGT temperature stays the same; crusing EGT temp drops by no more than 5*. Movng the horn drops the crusing EGT temp by about 10* - 15* and lowers water temperature a couple of degrees.

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Very nice, but you forgot a very important piece of kit. You should have fishing rod holders on the top of your bull bar mounted at 45 degrees, so that you can carry your fishing rods without having to take them apart. When Rosey and I were in Oz, nearly every 4x4 we saw had these! :)

We've also got an Engel fridge (use it in our Camper), and I think they are top science!!! They keep beers ice cold, and use hardly any power. If we go away for a weekend, we can quite happily leave ours running all weekend without draining the leisure battery.

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u is a tart ;)

startin to look like your old 90 already...........

Yes, I thought that (but without the r*ffa*se image / usage) :D

I also thought that your SWMBFO also 'growled' at you when you went near it, ?? :(

So, has this changed :rolleyes: , whens the 1st "Dentset" due :lol: , and will you die when this occurs ? :blink:

.............Or are you now a Tescos (or Auzzy Eqiv) Offroader" ? :lol:


Ps looks loverley, nice enongh for you to now trash at tad, making it truly yours :lol:

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