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109 Fuel tank front mounts?


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Could someone who has a functioning 109 please look and tell me if the front mount for the tank is indeed a 1.5" 3/8th UNF bolt, if so how the hell do you get the little bugger in? There isn't space to get a bolt that long into the ludicrously small space :angry: , am I missing some sort of extra bracket? :blink: I could carry on futilely trying to get it in upside down ie nut on top but the parts manual is adamant it goes in the other way up!

Help! :lol:


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1968 109 SW - Bolt up into nut

1981 109, ditto,

The nut goes on the shelf, and the bolt goes into the nut. I fitted the tank on the 1981, 6 months ago and found the same problem so did it that way.


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