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Silly question - R380 Reverse Switch

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Hi Guys,

Trying to fit 12s aux electrics to my TD5 110 with the Genuine kit

Have had the panel off under the cubby box, but just cant find the connector for the reverse light! What's the best way to locate it? Anyone got a piccy? The kit I've got breaks into the switch cable using the black plugs. I'm guessing someones tucked the wiring nicely out of the way so I cant find it!


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Guest diesel_jim

As you look down through the top (where the cubby box would be), look to the left side of the gearbox, about 1/2 way down.

should be screwed into the side of the casing, about 1" diameter nut thing with 2 wires and a plug.

it's probably hidden under the 2 ECU loom cables, as they run in virtually the same plain (plane?) level...

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Here it is with the gearbox out....


many thanks for that,

after much swearing and groping i managed to find the connector, cabletied and hidden in the most in accessible place possible!

But have managed to the the loom connected to it, so happy days!


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