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Part Identity needed


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I have been looking underneath the car and have found something that I do nto recognise, nor do I know what it is or what it is called.. I will try to explain....

It is a small 4" round thing, made of metal and maybe 1" thick.. the sterring damper is on the rear part of the axle, and this is localted very close to one end of the steering damper, bolted to the chassis. From the centre of the circle, there is a short piece of wire rope which loops around to the opposite side of the round thing, also into the centre. I can only imagine it is a damper of soem kind, but for what I would not know..

I have fitted a kit to have a new steering damper located at the front side of the dif so the old one at the rear side of the dif is now removed..

Hope someone can help identify



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Guest diesel_jim

It's a harmoinic damper, used to help keep things quieter,

think it was only fitted (as new) to disco's.


edit: D'OH.... too slowin replying :lol:

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Ah Ok, thanks for that. I guess the fact that I have moved the damper ahead of the axle, I can remove this harmonic damper...???

If I remove it, will I be able to hear boy bands doing harmonies? LOL.. Joking..

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