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Panhard rod length?

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Would someone be able to confirm the distance between bush centres ( or bolt centres if its fitted) of the panhard rod on their 90.

Mine is 82.2cm and having now repalced front springs and radius arm bushes am conviinced that the standard panhard rod is too long.

I think I'm going to fit an adjustable rod!



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as you were informed on the previous thread, there is only one panhard rod length for all 90/110/ disco/ RRclassics, and yes it is about 82.2 cm c/c

I dont think I was suggesting that there were differenet lengths or rods. For my own sanity I just wanted to a confimed lenth, which you have done.

I started a new thread as I didn't want people to have to wade right down through a long thread to see what i had updated.

What still interest me is that whilst plenty of people will confirm that the front axle is offset by up to an inch no-one if i recall has stated a specifc reason why this is. Does anyone know?

With regard my particular issue, having looked at another vehcile the same age as mine that axle is offset as well so I dont think I have a problem, but I personally I want to understand why this is 'by design' because now that I have replaced my front springs it is a real struggle to push the chassis across to get the panhard bolt is when refitting it. I've seen other on here saying the same - indeed there is even a thread in the tech forum about replacing the bushes that states you have to push the chassis across.

When the old springs were fitted the panhard rod could be fitted easily, so this leads me to believe that over time or millage the springs are 'forced' to adapt this off-centre position.

For what my simple observation are worth I personally cannot see why it is nessary to force the axle over to this extent, and it seems to me that 'by design' the panhard rod is 2cm too long -

Interesting thing is that this seems to be something that is apparent on the older vehicles. Looking along a line of new defenders at my local dealer these dont seem to be offset - although I have'nt measured it.

So question still is. What is the reason the axle is offset?

Unless someone can give me a specifc reason - its an adjustable panhard rod for me.

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the reason is that the panhard rod is designed to keep the axle centrlised over time as the springs sag this will lower the chassis thus pushing the axle to one side, or the other way is that if you lift it it will pull your axle over to the otherside when it was new it would of been more or less spot on.

nothing to worry about tho

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