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Checking my balls.


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So. I'm looking at my shiny balls, right.

Can anyone tell me if there is more or less room in a Series swivel ball than a Defender one (I think the series internal volume is bigger, right?)

If the dims are different, how does the distance to axis of the pivot point vary between the two relative to, say, the axle tube flange onto which the swivel ball mounts? I.e. are the swivel pivots the same distance from this flange (or the mounting face of the swivel) in both cases?

Cheers me dears, Al.

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61 views, and no-one has a clue?

A couple of questions to get your juices flowing:

1. Defender axles are wider - is this length difference present between the flanges of the axle casing? (completely / partially).

2. Does no-one have a couple of swivels lying around? Does a defender cv fit inside a series swivel ball? (no - I don't want to fit them, I'm just looking for an idea of the relative size).

3. Does anyone in the South UK have a knackered defender swivel they don't need?

4. Are defender and series outer front shafts the same length from pivot axis of the joint to the shaft end in the drive flange?

Help! Al

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series swivels r way bigger, no idea on offsets from axles though. i would think a cv would fit inside the series swivel cos TI do a kit

What that man said; Series swivels are BIG. IIRC with a bit of machining you can fit 101 CVs. Not sure about the flange to pivot dimention differances, though.

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I've got one from a 110. I brought the complete hub assembly but I only wanted the stub axle. The ball is shot but if it's any use you can have it. Basically what I have is a swivel housing, ball and a short half shaft.


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Series swivel balls are indeed bigger, but only externally.

A series (non stage 1) swivel ball requires some "clearancing" (machining) of the inside of the ball to fit a 110 or stage 1 CV (AEU 2522 etc).

Mal Story (Maxi Drive) has in the past made swivel balls from 4340 steel that are series sized on the outside but large enough on the inside to fit a 101 CV. I think a series swivel ball would be too weak if you machine it out as Will suggests.

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