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A whiter shade of pale

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Hi all

after fetching some fantastic condition from JST yesterday (thanks again James) I am a bit stumped as to the white to paint them as there is no paint code stamped on my 1990 Defender, I think it may be Davas white as it is pretty off white compared to my chums 97 Disco which he says is Alpine white. As there were only 2 whites used in 1990 (according to the colour chart posted on here)

Any ideas on the correct colour would be gratefully received.

I am planning on rattle canning it (properly rubbing down between layers etc) as green laning makes a mess of the paintwork anyway so it doesn't need to be perfect. What is the opinion of Halfrauds paint quality and colour match? Alternatively where is a good place to get some.

finally how many cans to do 2 doors inside and out?

Thanks as ever


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It could be Ivory White, Chamonix White, Davos White (same number LRC354) but difficult to say. If it's a turbo diesel or n.a. diesel I guess it will be the same as my 1989 white 127 which is LRC354.

Spraying with cans, ready made color cans are not 100% matching IMO / experience. Guess you will need at least 2-3 cans per door inside out.

You can have cans or paint mixed up at an automotive paint supplier. Consider painting the door with a roller in stead of cans.



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It was a TD but converted to 200tdi

I think it could quite well be LRC354

Is rollering a better option then? I would have thought the finish would be far from smooth?

I do give it a good chance yours is LRC354... With a roller you can get a very good finish. On my Landy there is no real difference between the DIY spray paint job (compressor) and the doors which have been roller painted. Main advantage of a spray can (or spray gun) is the fact that a profiled item like a door (inside) will be much easier to paint.

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