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110 fuel tank removal

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I'm 3/4 way through removing a fuel tank from my 110 and have come across a problem. there are 4 nuts holding the tank on, two front and two back. One of the two (13mm) nuts has rounded off. The manual says that they are a nut and bolt, but when i removed the other one the bolt stayed firmly where it was.

Does that mean its fixed to the chassis and not a nut and bolt like the Haynes manual says? if I drill out the rounded nut/bolt, will i have a problem putting a new one on? Can anyone suggest a way out of this predicament?

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sorry ready the thread long thought it was a bolt that was stuck in which case you'd use an easy out like



you may be able to use these to get it off


failing that i use these for bolts that work well



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It's not a nut and bolt as such - the 'bolt' is a stud with a flat, square head that's locked in place by a sencond nut that's only visible once the tank is removed.

Top two in this picture -


There's no way you will get anything in there apart from a socket - perhaps you can knock a 1/2" socket on the nut (which is a bit smaller)?

When a replacement crossmember is being fitted - the fixings have to be swapped over onto the new one - perhaps you could drill the old one out and replace it with the same, or modify it, like I did on V8-Freaks 110V8?



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Thanks for the links,those items could prove useful in the future but as you can see from the post from Les they're not going to help on this occasion.


Thanks for the picture explaining how a Land Rover is really put together, I'm beginning to realise that the Haynes manual should be taken as a guide only. I guess the first thing is to drill out the old one, then worry about how to get it all back together. Of course the problem then will be that i may need to get it to an expert for the solution as I'm only a beginner/amateur, with limited tooling (although my tool kit sems to be used alot now i've bought a 110)

I'll try the 1/2" drive now.

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Guest diesel_jim

I've got a full set of the proper bolts, brand new rubber bushes, and the funny square threaded jobbies (and that silly tin plate that retains the bolts) here.

Chuck £5 at White90 for the forum coffers and you can have them.

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