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fuel pump = misfire and lack of power?


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hi all i have posted new topic because i seem to have a new problem?!?!

Problems originally a misfire at tick over and at high revs, that cleared its self but i was then left with a lack of power in 4th and 5th gears and struggling to get to 70mph.

So far I have changed:

fuel and air filters, injector harness, checked all turbo pipes etc and wastegate seems to be ok.

I went for a test drive last night and all came to a stop. When i tried to restart i noticed that the fuel pump was not working.

I have taken it out today and tested it with battery and still not working.

Could the in tank fuel pump cause misfire and lack of power under load? Or have i just found a new problem?

I have been told that the pump should only engage for a few seconds when starting but i am sure mine stayed on all the time.

thanks to bogmonster and wobbley1 for advice so far.

was planing on going to Land Rover tomorrow to let them have a look, but now cannt even get there! :(

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The fuel pump comes on with the ignition and runs all the time the engine is running. If the engine does not start the pump stops after about 30 seconds. So it looks as if your pump has had it. Not uncommon and easier to change on a Disco than a Defender, but a bit pricey.

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Thanks for that, the pump has definately kicked the bucket. I have had it out and conected it to a battery, it only works for a few seconds after being taped by a hammer and doesnt run very smooth at all.

The hardest bit now is going to be finding one here. or even harder still paying for yet more new parts.

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Hi all would just like to let you know that the Disco is up and running once again at full power!!!

Fitted new pump today started up first time and after a few minutes of tick over off we went. Good to be back up to full power. Cost of 330 Euros about £240 (not to bad i thought) for Italy.

Thanks for your info and help.





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