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Hi all,

I am looking at an RRC that is an MOT failure, it needs - Inner Sills, Footwells, and Outriggers welded/replaced. Can anyone tell me about how difficult this is likely to be, or what it would cost at a resonable garage.... bearing in mind that I am a total novice - and the clumsyist man around!

Thanks for your help!


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If that type of work is not your bag then go find a tidy RRC.

The work you describe, repaired at a garage, will cost more than the value of the vehicle.

It only becomes viable if you have a welder and a pile of sheet metal and are happy to dive in and fix it yourself.


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Personally I would look elsewhere even if competent -there are thousands of RRCs out there at the moment, none going for any money at all.... the one you describe is probably worth more as scrap than a potential vehicle for someone.

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